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To feel the invisible

As a part of International Week, which took place in the Faculty of Economy Sciences and Management at NCU, we had the opportunity to visit this place. It is one of 5 such tourist attractions in the World (as far as we know) in which we switch off the sense of sight, and we turn […]

Erasmus – you only live once!

How do I see this journey? You’re replacing previous habits with another. Every day you wake up to a different and new day. It might be the best day of your life. You expirience a various sunrises and sunsets and – when you do, you actually become an improved human beign. Feeling differences means also […]

How I ended up in Poland: from Erasmus to Embassy

It all started 3 years ago, in 2015, when I applied for a volunteering project in Krakow. I got accepted and I spent 1 month in Krakow and 2 weeks in Tarnow having classes with children from 1st to 12th grade. There I had my first interaction with Polish and their culture. I really enjoyed […]

How to make the best memories on your Erasmus in Torun

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. I’ve had a 9 months long Erasmus journey for myself and since I had such an amazing time in the beautiful city of Torun, I feel like I’m experienced enough to give you a few tips on making this journey unforgettable. I’ve seen so many people who […]

Do the Royal Wedding and Juwenalia have something in common?

Our mental condition was a little influenced. While drinking in public places is usually prohibited in Poland, there is this one weekend, when nobody cares: Juwenalia. It’s a huge student festival with concerts, cultural program and …a lot of alcohol. One tradition is to dress yourself up as something stupid: like a cow or a […]

Torun, Poland and surroundings

There is a few reasons why you should choose Torun. The university is one of the best in Poland, it has a beautiful city center and many interesting places to visit and its relatively central location inside Poland makes it easy to visit other cities inside Poland and around it. Mainly Torun… This is one […]

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