Admissions – step by step

  1. To be able to sign up for admission to a programme, you first need to have a candidate’s
    account in the system. Go to IRK website and create the account.
    Please, use an email address which you check regularly. After you create your account, you
    will receive an email with an activation link. Click on the link to activate your account.
    2. After activating your account, log into the system and fill out the forms with your personal
    data and education history. Forms are available in the “Personal forms” tab in your
    3. Sign up for a programme. Find the “Studies” link in the blue menu bar on the right – it will
    take you to a page listing programmes offered by NCU. Choose a programme you would
    like to apply to and click on the green “Sign up” button in the programme card.
    4. Fill out additional information required in the sign up form and upload the required
    documents – they are listed at the end of this instruction.
    5. When you complete the sign up process, you can find your application in the “Applications”
    tab in your account.
    6. Pay the application fee. Applications will be assessed in the admission process only after
    the due application fee has been paid. These fees have to be paid within the application
    deadline. The amount due and the bank account details for transfers are available in the
    “Payments” tab in your account.
    7. Wait for any comments from the Department of Recruitment and Student Affairs. If the
    documentation is complete and admission fee is paid, your application will be reviewed by
    the Faculty.
    8. If necessary, the Faculty will ask you for an interview or take a practical exam.
    Information about the detail of the interview/exam will be sent to the eligible candidates
    at least two days prior to the exam date via the “Messages” tab in the individual
    candidate’s account.
    9. Check the results. Admission results will be published in the system on the day specified in
    the admission schedule. Log into your account and check your result in the “Applications”
    10. Enrol into the programme. If you find “qualified for admission” status in the “Applications”
    tab, congratulations! This means that your application was successful and you are now
    invited to enrol to NCU.