The cost of the tuition fee for academic year 2019/2020 is presented below.

Apart from tuition fee each candidate is obliged to pay admission fee (85 PLN or 150 PLN if there are practical exams e.g. Grafika, Malarstwo, Sztuka mediów i edukacja wizualna, Medicine). Admission fee is not refundable.

Bachelor level
Chemistry  8600 PLN/semester
English Studies  5000 PLN/semester
Nursing  16 250 PLN/semester
Physiotherapy  15 250 PLN/semester
Tourism Management


 7500 PLN/semester

9000 PLN/semester

Master level
English Studies  5000 PLN/semester
Laboratory Medicine  10 250 PLN/semester
Management  9000 PLN/semester
Medicine  22 750 PLN/semester
East and Central European Studies  5000 PLN/semester
Chemistry  8600 PLN/semester
Global Change Biology  7280 PLN/semester
Economics  9000 PLN/semester

 !Paying the tuition fee without Faculty’s acceptance of a candidate does not guarantee admission to studies!

Who does not pay for studies*:

1)      A citizen of European Union, EEA or EFTA country or a member of citizen’s family living in Poland.

2)      A foreigner who has a permanent residence permit or EU long-term resident

3)      A foreigner who has a temporary residence permit (in particular cases included in National Higher Education System Regulations)

4)      A foreigner who has a refugee status given in Poland or is eligible for subsidiary or temporary protection in Poland.

5)      A foreigner who has a certificate of proficiency in Polish at C1 level

6)      A foreigner who has KARTA POLAKA or a decision on Polish citizenship (if you have Polish citizenship go to Komisja Rekrutacyjna to apply for studies)

7)      A foreigner who is a spouse, lineal ascendant or descendant of a foreigner living in Poland.

*on the basis of Ustawa 2.0 (Higher Education Law)


Candidates accepted are obliged to pay 22 PLN for student ID at the beggining of the academic year.


The account number to which the tuition fee and admission fee has to be transferred:
Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu

Bank Millennium S.A. Warszawa


IBAN number: PL 66 1160 2202 0000 0000 3174 8880


Please, in the title write your name, name of studies and faculty.