Language Courses

The Centre of Polish Culture and Language for Foreigners (Studium Kultury i Języka Polskiego dla Obcokrajowców), which has been in operation since 1994, organises and conducts courses in Polish language and culture for foreigners visiting Poland and for those who intend to undertake studies in Poland. All Erasmus+ students are warmly encouraged to attend an introductory Polish language course (free of charge) before the beginning of each semester (during the Orientation Week). Throughout the academic year, there is a continuation of this course with the classes held twice a week. Such one-semester course of Polish provides students with 5 ECTS.

Moreover, the Centre organises courses of Polish for international students on a payment basis.

During the summertime, the Centre runs a Summer School of Polish Language and Culture.

For students wanting to improve theirs English language skills The NCU Foreign Languages Centre provides courses on B1 – B2 level that aims at developing such ones as speaking, writing, reading and listening. The courses prioritises authentic communicative activities reflecting the real-life situations in which the English language is used.