To feel the invisible

As a part of International Week, which took place in the Faculty of Economy Sciences and Management at NCU, we had the opportunity to visit this place. It is one of 5 such tourist attractions in the World (as far as we know) in which we switch off the sense of sight, and we turn on the other senses. The tour lasts approximately 50 minutes in total darkness so you have to leave behind your fear and understand what is on the other side of the door.

When you first enter the house, you can the visible part – all the equipment that helps blind people in daily basics, such as different types of sticks, books in Braille etc.

The feeling of total darkness

What you do not expect, is what comes in the Invisible part. I can’t tell you what is like, you just have to go, touch and smell. I can only tell you that my first reaction was to put my hands out in front of me so I would not hurt anyone and also above me, to not hit my head or as if the roof  top would fall down.

That is the feeling I suppose people have when they become blind – total darkness all of a sudden, fear. The sky falling down on your head. When you first enter into the darkness, you laugh, because you accidentally hit people, you help them to touch things, you hit yourself. But when you stop for a moment and see that it is the daily basis of some people, you start to think about it.

It is really hard not to see the beauty of other person. Just close your eyes for a moment and think about it. Probably you will have to go to the Invisible House to fully understand that. It might be overwhelming sometimes.  Fortunately are going to realize that the darkness you feel for a moment is not a real one, that everything is going to clear up and you will continue seeing the world around you.

Going into uknown

Sometimes, especially for us – Erasmus people, who need to leave friends, family and familiar things behind us, it might be a kind of lesson, reflection. We miss some parts of our life, but it is good to stop and look around. We have something that others do not.

So if you can see someone blind, ask if he/she needs help. It might be a chance to make someone’s day just with few words.

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