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To feel the invisible

As a part of International Week, which took place in the Faculty of Economy Sciences and Management at NCU, we had the opportunity to visit this place. It is one of 5 such tourist attractions in the World (as far as we know) in which we switch off the sense of sight, and we turn […]

Erasmus – you only live once!

How do I see this journey? You’re replacing previous habits with another. Every day you wake up to a different and new day. It might be the best day of your life. You expirience a various sunrises and sunsets and – when you do, you actually become an improved human beign. Feeling differences means also […]

How I ended up in Poland: from Erasmus to Embassy

It all started 3 years ago, in 2015, when I applied for a volunteering project in Krakow. I got accepted and I spent 1 month in Krakow and 2 weeks in Tarnow having classes with children from 1st to 12th grade. There I had my first interaction with Polish and their culture. I really enjoyed […]

How to make the best memories on your Erasmus in Torun

How do I know? Because I’ve been there. I’ve had a 9 months long Erasmus journey for myself and since I had such an amazing time in the beautiful city of Torun, I feel like I’m experienced enough to give you a few tips on making this journey unforgettable. I’ve seen so many people who […]

Do the Royal Wedding and Juwenalia have something in common?

Our mental condition was a little influenced. While drinking in public places is usually prohibited in Poland, there is this one weekend, when nobody cares: Juwenalia. It’s a huge student festival with concerts, cultural program and …a lot of alcohol. One tradition is to dress yourself up as something stupid: like a cow or a […]

National Erasmus Games 2018

I found out by a Facebook post in the ending of February about the possibility of enrolling as a 12 person team into a local competition between the Erasmus students (Organized by ESN Torun). 3 disciplines of sport: basketball, futsal and volleyball, who wins goes to play against Bydgoszcz into the Regional knock-out and further […]

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