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Torun, Poland and surroundings

There is a few reasons why you should choose Torun. The university is one of the best in Poland, it has a beautiful city center and many interesting places to visit and its relatively central location inside Poland makes it easy to visit other cities inside Poland and around it. Mainly Torun… This is one […]

First assignment- it hurts!

I am so called social historian, that means I need to know well facts from military, political and economic history as well and describe socially important processes. That’s why I really was interested in subject “Sociology of Gender and sexuality: theory and practice” when I filled my Learning Agreement “before the studies”, this was one […]

How I arrived in Torun and how will YOU!

When I first started to look at travelling routes, I come to realize that it will not be as easy as I thought. The first thing that I did, was searching for direct flights from my city, Cluj, to the closest airport to Torun. I ended up with nothing. The shortest route was 48h and […]

Make your life better

Who did ever think about spending their Erasmus+ experience in Poland? Surely not me, but – you know, sometimes fate has its own way to surprise you. Almost an year ago, I would have never imagined spending my Erasmus stay in Poland. I would have considered myself crazy, even doing Erasmus+ seemed a crazy idea […]

Am I the weird one?

I am old-fashioned; a grand-mother’s soul lives inside my heart and there is nothing I can do about it. I listen to crooners and waltz with the utmost pleasure. I have read Jane Eyre more than twice and enjoy poetry. I like the silence and long walks in parks during autumn. I have no idea […]

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