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I am NOT a stranger

I’m not a motivator or a great person who can give advices because i’ve been through a lot of experience hehee I am definitely NOT. I’m just 22 years old pea-sized girl who loves learning something new such as another’s culture or the language, sometimes travelling, sometimes writing either in my blog or just filling up paper with an absurd things, sometimes watching drama, start to more serious about photographing. For everyone who read this , you may agree with me or you may not, its all up to you. I’m respecting every reaction you make, but please respect my opinion too because respecting anothers won’t hurt you at all :) About what i’m going to write here is just my first experience being in Europe.
So.. joining Erasmus+ program and getting myself study in Torun Poland is not my first time being an international student. Being a minority is not something new for me. I’ve started leaving the most comfortable place in the world (red : home) and going to another place to study since my senior high school. If i could count it, basically i am leaving home for almost 6 years. I’ve felt every feeling about being so far from our lovey dovey family. Homesick, culture shock, missing food made by our mom, feeling alone, etc. And even the worst one.  So what is the different about being international student in Poland? Of course its is different! My height, my skin colour, my clothes and everything about me are different and absolutely it seems so clear and i can do nothing about it. People is staring at me in the different way. I can deal with it. Maybe people is afraid of me, i can deal with it. People don’t  believe me, i can deal with it too. Or even the worst and i could deal with it, i’m trying to always deal with every situation i’ll face later on. Why? Because that’s their perspective and i have to respect it. Because here i’m the minority i have my rights but still i have to respect them. Also trying to change their perspective about others culture.

Note! Let’s not  generalized  all of them. There’s a lot of kind-hearted Polish i’ve met too, who were helping me without seeing my background. Thanks to our Nicolaus Copernicus University, our university’s International Office,our teachers, our  mentors, our ESN, our receptionist of our  students house, taxi driver who took me to the dorm hahaha, a girl who helped me when i was confused in the market, one of planetarium staff lady who were smiling when i came and anothers for helping me to not give up trusting people hehee... :)

More and less I am not a stranger. I am a human being too. I’m standing in the same world, I’m breathing the same air, seeing the same sky, eating, wearing clothes, listening to musics, watching  movies, singing, painting, studying, writing in blog, using many different social media. I do have feeling the same as yours.

If they breathe, they live. If they live, they think. If they think, they feel. Just like you and me. ~ Anthony Douglas Williams

Here I together with another international students, we are doing our obligation just like what majority did. We obey the rules everywhere we are, in the campuss, road, mall, station, restaurant, Old Town... everywhere. We pay for all things we buy, for the ticket to get into the transportation, for the food we eat, cloths we are wearing, movies we watched in the cinema, and so on. We have family and friends too. We are the children of our parents, sibling for our brother and sister, friend of our friends. We are feeling things. We love, we are either happy and sad, we cry, we afraid, we don’t want to be alone. We are just normal people, like you. We are all human being, it just us who born in the different place, have different ideology, have different belief, have different style but we are all doing the same things all day. You and me, and you and us.

Maybe I weren’t the only one who felt the culture shock. The majority probably feel the same too. Because they haven’t met people from another culture and they just don’t know how to react, or what to do with the foreigners.

At last but not the least I’m trying to trust people will treat me well so it will be nice if i am being trusted too and let’s live together happily, peacefully. :)

Ayudya Arum Cendani 2017-07-24
Konferencja w Toruniu