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First of all, I would like to say big thank you to my friend “Andrés Olivencia Ibáñez”. Andrés is my friend from Spain. We met each other in -Torun, Poland- by the same reason, “Erasmus”. Our first conversation was like; “Hey man, welcome to Torun. How was your trip?” and he replied: “Sorry, I don’t speak English good.” (Hahaha).. After that day and funny conversation, me and Andrés started to be a friends, and this is a real friendship. Let me tell you what I am talking about. Erasmus is an international field which you can find many of foreigner friends and you will always know that those friendships are the best. It’s hard to find “why” an Erasmus friendship is the real one but whatever we say or we explain, when you go for Erasmus and become friends with international people, you love it!

Nowadays, I am an Erasmus student in Torun, Poland and having my last days of the second term, 2015/2016 year. It’s my second Erasmus in this lovely city. I was Erasmus last year, too and I would like to go for third one. Last year when I came to Erasmus and met Andrés, it was just beginning. The thing which I don’t want to miss to say it, he is not just a friend now. I have 2 blood brothers, and he became the third one without any blood. Think that a person you meet and then you share your everything, every day, everywhere. Study together at dormitory, do experiments in laboratory, go gym together, go trips, play football, swim together, go to party in many clubs, do barbeque, colour fest, other festivals, olympics, photo contests, run races… I don’t know if I can stop giving examples. The person who you are talking about, one day becomes your real friend and then you are sure that you can’t stop giving examples.

People will think about the short time of Erasmus and will ask how it is possible to be real friend with someone who you just see 4-5 months. Yes, in some points you may be right. But you will never know until you feel.

I will go to deep details of this friendship. You will see in photos that we are always somewhere, doing something, and happy. We went for trips to Germany, Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Spain. But we didn’t go to all these countries in a single trip. Many times we went to eat in different restaurants of Torun, but not just in a single day. I mean, I’m trying to explain you that the time is not limited and flying like a free bird. As I said in the article, it’s my second time here and it means more than a year. He is now at Spain and finishing his study. He is not Erasmus anymore but as you understand, we continued our friendship in my second year after this long time without any stops. Next year I will not be Erasmus, I will even not be in Torun. I will be studying pharmacy in my lovely country Turkey and havind hard study. Whatever we do, we will still be friends, me and Andrés. Because Erasmus friendships are the real friendships.

Finally, I will tell you that If you are friends and the technology is really high nowadays, then nothing can be a matter to block your friendship. We are talking to each other almost every day and share the moments to each other. We may not be together every day but we still have contact and now what I will say, it will make you smile; we are thinking to meet in Turkey as soon as possible!

Cemal Sonsak 2016-07-24
Konferencja w Toruniu