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Welcome to Sarajevo, Bosnia

After long hour rides on the curvy Bosnian streets, I finally came to Sarajevo, the city which was formed by different civilizations. The bus station was built in the time of Winter Olympic Games in 1984. but was later devastated in the war, so today is only capable for arrivals and departures of the buses. We have to agree that this is not very good for the capital of the city. Your view is instantly captivated by new huge tower of daily newspaper Aviaz, which points out the capitalism which disturbs the ambient of Sarajevo´s mahala which do not tolerate glass skyscrapers in their presence. The image of Sarajevo consist of humbly arranged city´s institutions like student campus, the railway station, the faculties and the libraries while on the other side you can see the absolute power of the capital from foreign and local investors which build deluxe ambassadress for USA, Saudi Arabia and all the malls.

However, the majority of city´s infrastructure is renovated, only a few building can remind one of horrible war days. There are a lot of tourists as war tourism is very popular (The tunnel of salvation, Volunteer street, Village of Dobrinja), the streets and parks are beautifully decorated; there are a lot of hotels and hostels as attractions for young people.

To come in Sarajevo and not to visit the old town, the famous Baščaršija, not to try ćevapi, sudžuk, burek and sweets as hurmašice, tufahije and kadaif is consider a big sin. Also, very popular among local people and the tourists is nargila which you can find on every step. From the interesting things in the city you should definitely see the amazing Town Hall which you can find on almost every postcard, the building of the theater, the museum of Gavrilo Princip as the place of the attendant on Ferdinand, the beautiful bridges over the river Miljacka, gorgeous monuments of Osmanic architecture, the secession and historicism on the buildings from the period of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the mosques. The Tunnel of Salvation is built in the time of war for providing people with medicine, food and for the evacuation from the city and is now a museum. You should also visit old Turkish tower White tabija, above the city which dates from the 16th century. Sarajevo is surrounded with the mountains Bjelašnica, Jahorina, Trebević on which tourist often go because of the beautiful nature. Also, if you need any advice or help, Bosnian people are really friendly and warm so you will always be safe.

Let´s conclude this post with the moment when the last hour of Ramazan was ticking and announcing Bajram. You can see the first city lights slowly turning on and from the brighted tops of mosk you can hear mujesin signing beautiful songs while in the distance the church bells are ringing.

Tea Sabic 2016-08-29
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