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Welcome to Stockholm with an open artistic view

I recall when we first got in Stockholm, leaving from the bus and glazing into the unknown city. At this time I didn´t expect anything and I was open to see and learn new things. As we were walking on the streets, searching for our hostel, our eyes were wide open and looking the beautiful architecture, people, organized and clean streets, different kind of shops.

All of a sudden you feel so small, innocent creature that is placed in this parallel and different universe. The city was showing us its varying personalities. Although everything was much expensive that we are used to, the free walking tours are a great idea to get to know the city you visit, not only by getting the basic facts about history but also interesting stories from the local people that you cannot find in books or on the Internet.

In that way we found out that there is a free exhibition in the National museum called ´The artist˝ which had listed many famous painters such as Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp, Rembrandt, Vasilij Kandinskij, Martha Rosler, Bertha Wegmann and many others (you can see their works in the pictures below). First of all, how great is that this kind of arts is available to everyone! Of course, there were only their less known paintings but still it was an eye-opening exhibition with a great message - ˝Artist. Entrepreneur. Genius. Avant-gardist. Norm-breaker. Visionary. Traveler.˝ It was a view into what it means to be an artist, today and historically. It is about different ideals, styles, power relations and the most important, the notions of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and class. This exhibition discusses different artists´ roles but also draws attention to the myths surrounding them.

The last night in this beautiful city was more special because it was the night of museums. As they have a lot of them, we had to choose only one because of the time limitation. We picked the biggest one which is the Swedish Museum of Natural History which looks magical from the outside and inside. There were a lot of exhibitions as it had four floors. The museum was founded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in 1819 and it has the collections acquired mostly through donations. You can imagine the feeling of entering this stunning building with so much history in one place. It took us approximately two hours to see everything and one can really get lost in different cultural and social stories or visual installations and collections of different kinds (clothes, fabric, jewelry, doll houses, children toys, food traditions, old photos and others).

This city has a capability to offer something to everybody. It has a very special character that takes your heart and provokes enthusiasm. There is something in arriving in new cities, wandering and gazing different experiences but for now, I can put my memory of Stockholm in these word, at least until the next time I visit it.

Tea Sabic 2016-07-11
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