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What happens in Torun, stays in your heart...forever!

I never expected to do my student exchange here in Torun. C'mon, let's be honest – I've never heard about Torun until I saw it on Erasmus list at my University. But somehow, I decided to put this pittoresque city in my application and one year later I'm having the best time of my life.

A lot of different circumstances brought me here but I'm not a kind of person who will be disappointed that some things didn't work out how I wanted them in the first place. Because future is always bright and I will always think about it in “Monty Phyton“ way.

First meeting with Torun was a cool one as I walked through the Old Town which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list and it's easy to notice why it has such a prestige title. Historical ruins, castles, defense walls system and stunning architecture all around the Old Town. It's really easy to get impressed by this city.

Being in such a brilliant and nice city is great but there is one thing that tops that by a mile. Erasmus family. What an amazing group of people from all over the world. Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Eritrea, Mexico, Bulgaria and many more! All the experiences in life are memorable because of people you are able to share it with and I couldn't imagine a better group to share this one with. I had the same feeling during my short-term student exchange in Japan with my MIRAI family. It's fascinating how lucky I am to meet all these wonderful people. One truly lucky Croatian bastard!

Exploring Poland and Europe, discovering night life, getting knowledge about different countries, winning gold medal at the Erasmus Olympics, eating a lot, making presentations and just hanging around – are only a few stuff we did together. The list is extremely long and some experiences are too valuable to write about them. They need to stay only in my heart.

I know how happy I have to be with a possibility to experience something like this and I am truly grateful for my Erasmus exchange. I want every single member from Erasmus family to know it because you made my wish come true. I expected it to be one hell of a ride but it was the best ride ever. Dziekuje bardzo Torun!

Mislav Lugonjic 2016-06-22
Konferencja w Toruniu