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Holidays in Torun

I am sitting in my bed, listening to music and thinking about home... The song  ”Simply the best”,  has never sounded better than now. Sitting and listening to Tina Turner’song, I understand that we are the best. Why? Because we are here, full of different feelings, but the most important thing is we are here with a lot of great people. Surrounded by so many different cultures, by so many different thoughts and so many different languages, it is easy to realize how unique is every single nation. Everyone has something special, something that defines and distinguishes it from others.
So, in my mind, every nation has made its mark with something special. For instance, Turkish people are the best chefs. Maybe they are not the best chefs in the world, but, as long as in my kitchen always smells good, and their food is so delicious, I just have to say that they really know the definition of  ”cooking”. The most kind, polite and understanding are people from Croatia. They are always willing to help you and they never hesitate to tell you a good word, of course, with a beautiful smile. Russians seem powerful people with a strong character and they are so united. When someone needs help, they are always there to support, to help. Ukrainians are polite, kind, compassionate, they are always there for you, ready to help you. I am glad that I have met so many people, actually, friends.
First of all, I want to tell more about love, family, holidays and the feeling you have when you're surrounded by friends but actually, you are alone or maybe, this is just a simple bogus feeling. But let’s continue … How is for you a happy holiday? Because I am here, in Torun, on Easter holiday and I want to share some things with you. My perfect holiday is based on some little things and some special people. I am far away from my home but I have some little things that can make me to feel the air from home. My mother is always attentive and she sends me pictures. I want to tell you how is Easter for my family.
It is the first day of Easter, it is morning and I am so lazy to get out of my comfortable bad, but I know that my parents prepare for me and for my sisters something special. A water bowl filled with red eggs and money waiting for us. It’s a kind of tradition, we have to wash our faces with that water and, more than that, take the money. Then we have to drink holy water and eat anaphore and the entire family has to say the prayer. It is so nice to see a big table full of traditional dishes like, sarmale, jelly with pig's trotters, drob with a boiled egg inside it, Boeuf salad, my mom’s favorite, stuffed eggs with, I don’t know exactly, but I guess that they are with mayonnaise, cucumber and chicken breast. A big bowl with red eggs, because the red eggs are the most important food. My grandmother told me that is a story about this tradition. When Jesus Christ was crucified, a widow put a basket with eggs at his feet, and the blood flowed eggs, redness them. I don’t know if it is true or not, but for me, it is the best explanation for a Christian child. Moreover, my grandmother always make sponge cake, cheese pies and a cake made with cheese which is called “pască”. Traditional Romanian food is the best food for me and it is not limited just to this. We have a lot of good soups made with chicken, beef or pork and my favourite is “ciorba de perisoare”, it is a soup with meatballs. Enough about food,  because I am so hungry and I can’t eat my food, my delicious Romanian food.
About religion, forty days before Easter, we have to respect a strict diet based on healthy food, to became a vegetarian, but this is just my way of seeing this: we are not allowed to eat meat, eggs and milk, but it is not a rule that we must respect it, it is just for you, for your mind, soul and of course, for your body. Lent takes place before the Resurrection of our Saviour Jesus Christ and is the longest and toughest of all four major “posts”. People also call this “post” and Lent. Lent lasts forty days, plus the Passion  week. Lent has become absolutely normal for a period of spiritual preparation for all Christians to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
This holiday brings us together, no matter how far we are from each other, we are always together on Easter. It is the most important holiday for me and for my family and the perfect way to celebrate this is to be surrounded by family, by friends and by your relatives.  
    I wanted to share some Easter traditions, how it is this important holiday for Romanian people and I know that I was far away from my family, but here, I have another family with special people. Torun will be my home for almost five months, the place where I have met so many people, where I have tasted a bit of everything. I am so proud of my choice and I have to thank God for this adventure because, I'm sure that when I return home, I will remain with beautiful memories that I will share with everyone.

The table full of traditional dishes (on the pictures)
- Dyeing eggs
- Sarmale

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