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This year Juwenalia was celebrated from 19 till 21 May. The main thing (after drinking beer) is the costumes. Students are getting dressed like knights, dinosaurs, witches, fairies and whatever you can imagine. This year the theme for the costumes was “Juranalia – Stone Age”. When you put a costume, you go on the streets and start collecting money from people (Isn’t it great? Money for more beer!). Students are going out in the campus making BBQs and in the evening there are big concerts.
I had the honour to be there this year and experience it by myself. Let me tell you what I saw. I was standing in front of the Rektorat building when a mass of people, loud and crazy, dressed like cave men and women (see some pictures below) or dinosaurs, appeared and occupied the whole place. There was also a flashmob with the ESN people together with Erasmus people. So we were really taking part of Juwenalia. Most of us were dressed also, so we were celebrating it properly. After presenting the costumes, we decided to go to the concert but, of course, you cannot enter with alcohol there, so we just sat in a circle on the grass in front of. We talked, we laughed, we drank (of course) and we sang. This night and the next two also. We had a great time. Just see our photos and you will be sure.

Velichka Charakchieva 2016-05-23
Konferencja w Toruniu