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Time flies... is one month old but still full of energy and young spirit. If you want to find out how to survive May in Toruń, keep reading.

During April, international students shared with you their experiences of life in Toruń and traditional recipes from their countries. They shared with you their stories about friendship and love and how to survive living abroad. Hope you liked it and that you will continue reading their blog.

New month, new stories, new experiences, 2 long weekends full of fun, events and places to visit and see.

We are starting May with celebration of Labour Day  on 1st May and  Constitution Day on 3rd of May (called Majówka) which give us long weeknd perfect for travelling, spending time in nature or preparation of barbecue in many parks in Toruń.

During this long weekend, Toruń is full of events. You can check the scedule here.

If you are fun of pop culture and comic books there is perfect event for you. On 7th of May in Centrum Kultury Dwór Artusa it will be organised Festiwal Kultury Popularnej DwuTakt 2016. More information about that event you can find here and here.

Do you only read book? Have you ever run with the book? If not, this is the perfect moment to try that. On 15th there will be a race with the books at the university campus. More information you can find here). If you think you can’t run (distance: 3,190 km) just imagine that librarian is running after you because you forgot to return the book. :D

Most important event for all students in Torun is Juwenalia which will be held from 19th – 21st.  This year, Juwenalia will take you on a trip to the World in  far past (before I was even born), which was ruled by dinosaurs, not the USOS. You can’t miss it. I will be there for sure. More information you can find here)

First evening of Juwenalia you can spend in Od Nowa dancing like Flinstones. More here.

Weather is getting better, so I recommend you to spend time on beautiful streets of Toruń. I am just leaving for a bike ride.

Sincerely yours,

Nico Copernico 2016-05-01
Konferencja w Toruniu