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How to make a cold appetizer in a few seconds

Summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter, so I decided to give recipe for feeling fresh in this hot weather.

"CACIK" is a Turkish appetizer and it is generally served with green beans, during summer it is good to eat it for the dinner. All you need in order to make CACIK is:

  • two cups of yogurt
  • a glass of cold water
  • four cucumbers
  • two cloves of garlic
  • salt, olive oil, mint


  1. you need to peel and chop the cucumbers and put them in the bigger pot
  2. put yogurt and the water in the pot and mix them with the cucumbers
  3. chop garlic and add it to the same pot
  4. then you can add salt, olive oil and mint - these are for taste so you can add as much as you want
  5. finally, it is ready to eat

It is very easy and fast to prepare it and you do not need to much ingredients. Also, it is very healthy and you can eat Cacik with your meal.

Yagmur Kale 2016-04-20
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