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What is your reason to be in Torun

Everybody has a reason to come to study in Torun. The question is for you to answer what is yours? This is may be very hard to explain or very easy to say in just one word. Let’s talk about what is my reason to be here...

I’ve been in Torun in the spring semester of 2014/2015 and I’m back to Torun for the second time as an Erasmus student in the spring semester of 2015/2016. I have many reasons to be here because i know the city, the life here and this what i had last year, it made my life awesome.

I found myself here! I found my character, who am I? I learned what i want to live! It is so interesting because i ‘ve stayed just 4,5 months here but I found lifelong friends, the reality of people or let’s say the second faces of the people. I learned how to survive in completely another city, country and it gave me my talent, what I can success.. I can write a lot of papers to explain my everyday which made my life awesome.

I also want to tell you about the biggest reason which i loved to be here.. Actually I did not just love to be here. I loved a person. I loved a girl. A girl, which i’ve chosen to live my life next to her without any doubts in any seconds. My only idea to come to Torun was travelling. The country is cheap, the city is not so big, so i could save some money and travel a lot. To tell the truth, I did it, too. I travelled 8 different countries and Poland also. But when i finished my term, i was talking to myself and the sentence was “Cemal, you did a lot. You did much more than you think.”. This sentence is very enough to talk about million things.. Whatever the rest, as you also can say the same, the most important one was the girl which came to my life and stayed.

I am at Torun for the second time, i feel like it’s my first time here. I don’t know if i can explain very well but i will try. It’s really weird feeling inside me. I know everything about my past but the life never stops. So, whatever i did last year, it was amazing but there is no going back and the new history is getting written by me. The history which i am writing has to be perfect. It is may be not the correct word to call it “history”. I am planning the future, living the moment and remembering from the past. It’s sometimes past, sometimes now and sometimes future. Moreover, I sometimes don’t know which one i am in, i live in.

In my first month of the second Erasmus term, i can say you that i am back to my life, i am back to my character, i am back to my lifelong friend “my girl”, i am back to the thing which i want to be in. I loved this life, i love this life, i will love this life but the sad part is unfortunately every amazing movie has an end...

Cemal Sonsak 2016-04-11
Konferencja w Toruniu