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Olympic spirit and the shades of war tragedies interweave today’s destiny of Sarajevo. Through the smoke of popular nargila we get familiar with this city, the city of three contraries which once were its trading mark. Sarajevo´s citizens say that city was made from people and the buildings in the past, and now there are only buildings left.

Tea Sabic 2016-08-29

Suddenly she started asking me questions like: "Why are you going to Torun?", "Where will you live?", "And what are you studying?", "Scholarship and in what amount?". The last was a question: "And in Smolensk, on which place the plane crashed to a monument?"

Stereotypical foreigner is trying to criticize who’s not like he is used to. Are Polish people as dark and bad as their outfits? Find the answer below.

Larisa Cristea 2016-08-18

If you have read my first article related to vegetarianism, you have realized that life in the meat-loving Poland for a vegetarian isn`t so hard as it might seem at first glance. You will definitly survive and you might even enjoy more than expected, but of course you will for sure encounter some not so pleasent situations. From my experience they are mostly caused by the existing language barrier. Polish is not so easy to learn for foreigners and Poles often don`t speak English very well, so here I will present a small improvised vege dictionary I made for myself hoping it might help some of you, too.

Tihana Segota 2016-08-14

Life gives you lemon? You sqeeze them into people’s eyes or you make lemonade, is your choice, but Torun gives you 20 minutes of FREE RIDING BIKES! EVERYTIME YOU RENT THEM! 

Larisa Cristea 2016-08-08

I am sure that you have seen this title at least 100 times in your life. But this is different. “Why?” – You would ask. Because I am not trying to give you any advice, motivate or direct you. I am just telling you my story. A story of someone just like you.

Iveta Nikolova 2016-08-05

Konferencja w Toruniu