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I remember the day when I got here. I remember the day when I first saw pictures of this beautiful little town where I will live for 5 months. I remember saying: „Hope I will fit in“. I would really like to say that I managed to do that, and that my hope became reality, but now I am not sure at all, and I will tell you why.

Nina Licul 2016-06-26

I never expected to do my student exchange here in Torun. C'mon, let's be honest – I've never heard about Torun until I saw it on Erasmus list at my University. But somehow, I decided to put this pittoresque city in my application and one year later I'm having the best time of my life.

Mislav Lugonjic 2016-06-22

It was Friday. Cloudy weather, not a ray of sunshine. Standing with my family on the bus station with the most biggest suitcase I ever had, sitting there in silente, we waited for my bus to come so my journey can start. A whole new chapter that was just waiting to get wrtitten.

Nina Licul 2016-06-21

It was a long time ago since I arrived in Toruń and now it is real time to leave for me. In a way, I can’t wait to be home, to see my family, my friends, to see my beautiful Black Sea this summer, but in another way I would have liked to continue this Erasmus experience, to see more the people that I like and of course to eat more the food that I like here in Poland. I don’t really like the endings; I escaped from one „end story” in February, when my friends from first semester went home. I was saying goodbye to many people maybe for a week. I was so glad I wasn’t in their situations to say goodbye to everyone, to Toruń, to Poland.  Luckily I prolonged my stay and it was the best decision I have made!

Florian Bar 2016-06-20

Visiting by day, traveling by night...great trip, but great tiredness. I was in Wien and Berlin and I stayed three days in Wien and three days in Berlin and every single moment mattered.

When I came to Torun for my Erasmus exchange, one of the main things was to travel as much as possible and see new places, cultures and traditions. Honestly, I was a bit more attracted to the Western part of Europe because it's a lot cheaper to travel there from Poland than from my country. Malta, Greece, the Netherlands...a lot of plans. But the worst thing you can do in life is to plan too much. Sometimes you just need to let things unfold in the way they are supposed to...

Mislav Lugonjic 2016-06-15

The core of Polish cuisine is meat, that`s a well known fact. There is a variety of meat specialties among which is possible to choose if you want to try the taste of traditional cuisine. But, what if the situation is opposite, and you actually want to avoid them? What if you are making this „mistake“ of not eating meat even while staying in this „carnivorous“ country? Well, you will survive and I would like to give you some useful tips I have learned during my stay in Poland, specifically in Toruń.

Tihana Segota 2016-06-13

Konferencja w Toruniu