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Do you know what polish students are waiting every summer semester? JUWENALIA! This is their student’s holiday – a three-day festival with a lot of beer and concerts.

When you are in a foreign country every day is counted, every day matters and all you have to do is just to think about what should you do to make it matters.

Let me tell you something about me: I’m kinda shy so I’m not really comfortable with talking to strangers. And yet now I’m on the bus to Warsaw regretting there’s no one sitting next to me so I can talk to a total stranger. How’d that happen?

I’m thinking a lot these days about my trip around some neighbourhood countries from Poland and, maybe, I could help you with the organizational stuff.

Dumitrita Bejan 2016-05-10

It is funny actually that you can walk in a completely different city and feel like you lived there for a long time. This is how Toruń feels like. While you leave all your worries behind, you could feel a little bit guilty because you enjoy it too much and here is why…

Tea Sabic 2016-05-09

A well known proverb tells us: “Never miss an opportunity” and that’s why I participated in Food {hacks} 2016 Hackathon in Berlin at the first days of April. I wasn’t alone there, my friends were with me. To understand who my friends are and what Hackathon is, I would like to suggest reading some words below, my dear reader.

I put all my fears in a sack and I just throw them in the biggest black hole of the Galaxy. That's what I like to say to myself when I begin new projects. Erasmus+ mobility gives me the opportunity to develop my skills and get a better social interaction with different people. So far I am still doing it good.

Florian Bar 2016-05-04 is one month old but still full of energy and young spirit. If you want to find out how to survive May in Toruń, keep reading.

Nico Copernico 2016-05-01

First of all, I want to tell more about love, family, holidays and the feeling you have when you're surrounded by friends but actually, you are alone or maybe, this is just a simple bogus feeling. But let’s continue … How is for you a happy holiday?

Konferencja w Toruniu