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It was the 13th of February. Oh, what a memorable date. I have already been travelled for more than 12 hours when I finally got on the bus from Berlin to Torun. The weather was cloudy and glumly. Back then I thought it is an exception and soon it would get better. Naïve me. Charged with positivism and great expectations, I was staring through the window, impatient to see my new home for the next several months.

Iveta Nikolova 2016-04-28

Some people like sport, some – not. But when we speak about Olympic games everyone watch them holding their breath. So lets have a look on ESN Olympics from perspective of participants.

Having a vegetarian over and are clueless what to serve him/her? Wishing to help someone to like eating vegetables? Or maybe just having a desire to impress yourself with simple cooking... 5 stars restaurants serve this too, and you will know how to master it. I present you “Leek pearls on beetroot sauce bed” This is poetry in a plate.

Larisa Cristea 2016-04-26

Lahmacun is a food which consumed in abundance for everyone in Turkey. In fact, in other words, it is another name for the flavor. Very old history of Lahmacun, dates back even to the Babylon. It is an East own food, and has a history of about 5000 years.

Cemal Sonsak 2016-04-25

“How to survive in Erasmus” starter pack – big Smile, big (or not so much) Camera and a Roommate with a big heart!

This is a recipe for homemade biscuits which can last without any problems for a mont, but probably won`t because they are quite tasty.

Tihana Segota 2016-04-24

Lift up your sleeves, put on your “Kiss the cook”-apron and let’s get cookin’! I don’t know about you, but I’m in the mood for something Romanian tonight. How about some tocăniță and polenta? This is one of the easiest foods to make and it always gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside because it reminds me of childhood.

You think you are a terrible cook. You assume you will burn down the entire building just by approaching any stove. Sure, you can skip the hard work and go out to have dinner than to cook it; but why missing all the fun? Grab your best pals and start working that frying pan until you have an entire notebook full with recipes from all around the world! Here is your first: from the land of… Romania. *Special Erasmus edition*

Larisa Cristea 2016-04-22

If there is a dish that every single Bulgarian loves, that is banitsa. It is very tasty and good for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Basically for any time of the day. If you want to understand how to make yourself one, keep reading! ;)

Iveta Nikolova 2016-04-21

Summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter, so I decided to give recipe for feeling fresh in this hot weather.

Yagmur Kale 2016-04-20

Join me in the diversity of international flavours during the food week on On the other hand, if you would like to feel the taste of science, join me on the Torunian Science and Arts Festival.

Nico Copernico 2016-04-19

Are you a linguist? Do you love languages? Well, try learning Polish then...

I worked in a hostel before coming to Torun, so I’m used to having travelers around and hearing a lot of amazing stories. A lot of them involving hitchhiking. So giving hitchhiking a try has been on my mind for a while now and I knew Poland was the perfect place to do it. And I did! :-)

Everybody has a reason to come to study in Torun. The question is for you to answer what is yours? This is may be very hard to explain or very easy to say in just one word. Let’s talk about what is my reason to be here...

Cemal Sonsak 2016-04-11

Socialist & Democrats group, second strongest political group of the European Parliament, organized Youth for Gender Equality Forum at the beginning of March. During three days in Bruxelles 25 participants from different European and African countries discussed about various problems regarding equality that women are facing in societies all over the world.

Mislav Lugonjic 2016-04-06

If someone asks you to describe what you have experienced during the first month in Toruń as an Erasmus student, from where would you start?

Tihana Segota 2016-04-05

For sure, you are asking „Is this a joke?“ but even though it's the first of April, it's not a joke. 

Nico Copernico 2016-04-01

Konferencja w Toruniu