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What if you could not see the person who stands in front of you? What if you could not see how the weather looks like today? Can you imagine how it is? You can feel it – fortunately for one moment only – at the Invisible House in Toruń.

Say hello to a new life: different country, new languages and cultures, unknown religions, lifestyles and new unforgettable friendships. Isn’t it crazy? A little bit scary? No, this is a journey of your life!

Busra Sahinbas 2018-11-13

In my life I could say I’ve done some things that I am proud of and some things that I consider really crazy. The fact that I moved to Warsaw I consider a little bit of both.

Dear Students who are on their way to one of the most precious experiences of a lifetime. Beware! This next few months ahead of you, might be the best thing that happened to you so far.

Uysal Ceren 2018-07-26

What happened last weekend? Yes, Harry and Meghan married. But beside that there was Juwenalia in Toruń. Three friends and I were there… at least physically.

Konferencja w Toruniu