Physicists with a grant

| Photo by Andrzej Romański

The NCU Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Informatics in cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich received a grant from the National Science Centre in the framework of the Beethoven Classic 3 competition.

The Beethoven Classic competition is organised by the National Science Centre with the participation of the German Research Community (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; DFG). Researchers can submit Polish-German research projects in the field of humanities, social sciences and arts, as well as selected disciplines of science and technology. In this year’s edition NCN distributed over 30 million zlotys.

In this edition, scientists submitted 130 applications for funding research projects, of which 63 in humanities, social sciences and arts (HS), and 67 in selected disciplines of science and technology (ST, among others: chemistry, mathematics, physics, materials science). From this pool of conclusions, the experts selected 34 best projects – 16 in HS group and 18 in ST group

The National Science Centre awarded one million zlotys for the project entitled “Optical Detection and Control of Heat Flow at the Nanoscale“. The project is coordinated by Prof. dr habil. Sebastian Paweł Maćkowski from the NCU Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics and Prof. Dr. Achim Hartschuh from LMU Munich.

The list of all qualified projects in the HS and ST groups can be found on the website of the National Science Centre.