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You are done with your documents, you have been finally accepted to your Erasmus! However, your work is not finished - you must find a way to get to Torun. If you have already started stressing about it – stop. I will tell you all about how I got here and how can you have fun on the way!

Who did ever think about spending their Erasmus+ experience in Poland? Surely not me, but - you know, sometimes fate has its own way to surprise you.

Going abroad is a strange thing. People meet others, try and learn to adapt. However, adapting to total foreigners (or even to Poland !) can somehow be easier than adapting to our own peers. When confronted to the full-force of the Erasmus life, it is possible to struggle… even more so when you’re the weird one. Like me.

Pann Adrianne 2018-04-11

I’m not a motivator or a great person who can give advices because i’ve been through a lot of experience hehee I am definitely NOT. I’m just 22 years old pea-sized girl who loves learning something new such as another’s culture or the language, sometimes travelling, sometimes writing either in my blog or just filling up paper with an absurd things, sometimes watching drama, start to more serious about photographing.

From 18th till 20th of May 2017 students of Nikolaus Copernicus University in Toruń are taking over the City of Torun. For three days Toruń will be the center of students life. Read this article and check out what you can expect on this year Juwenalia.

Nico Copernico 2017-05-18

Konferencja w Toruniu