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Hello, my name is Miron Mardale. I’m in an Erasmus Traineeship in Torun, Poland for the academic year 2017-2018, and in the further text I will bore you with something that is not boring at all: sports competitions as an Erasmus.

Mardale Miron 2018-04-25

Wait a minute. Wasn’t this article supposed to be about Torun? Well, the answer is “yes and no” in the same time. Why? Because this article is for those who like to try something new everyday, who enjoy to travel as much as possible and never settle in one place for too long. Of course, you will have classes which you must attend, but once the weekend comes you pack your bags and go to a new place (at least for 2 or 3 days). But first of all: why Torun?

I am going to tell you about some boring stuff- about my first presentation here in UMK. However, as all of us know- If you felt in Erasmus + studies, you will need to return your scholarship, if you will need to return your scholarship, you will need to do extra work, if you will need to do extra work, you will not have time to spend it with your friends, if… (you can use your own imagination to continue this by yourself) … But let me begin my story…

You are done with your documents, you have been finally accepted to your Erasmus! However, your work is not finished - you must find a way to get to Torun. If you have already started stressing about it – stop. I will tell you all about how I got here and how can you have fun on the way!

Who did ever think about spending their Erasmus+ experience in Poland? Surely not me, but - you know, sometimes fate has its own way to surprise you.

Konferencja w Toruniu