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Who did ever think about spending their Erasmus+ experience in Poland? Surely not me, but - you know, sometimes fate has its own way to surprise you. Almost an year ago, I would have never imagined spending my Erasmus stay in Poland. I would have considered myself crazy, even doing Erasmus+ seemed a crazy idea at the time.

Fate always find its way to pull through Studying English since I was a child, I’ve always imagined going to Great Britain or some English speaking countries or for example Germany. Poland never came to my mind. It was a surprise also for me just consider this option. But, one day, while I was going through all the possible choices I had, I read this name - Torun. I don’t know why, I just googled it and this image was the first one I saw. I looked for universities, dorms, money value and I fell in love.I felt immediately compelled to put it as my first choice, in spite of every dream I had.

This Gothic and Medieval city catched my heart. I’d started telling my friends about it, about how wonderful it woud be to go there, I convinced my parents to let me apply for Erasmus because, I had the feeling I would have taken the spot. May came. The list with the winners came. And I was in Torun.Like I thought, like I hoped. Why this? Now it’s been almost two months since I’ve been here. I will not say that it’s all bed of roses or a dream with pink unicorns and lollipops, but it’s as life goes on. Polish is difficult, dealing with some Polish people is challenging, staying away from home is challenging, everything’s challenging. But that’s just the beauty of it. It’s this.

Break the routine, break the boredom. It’s all so new that you cannot stop feeling good, feeling like finally you’re doing something useful for your life, something that makes life worth living. It’s all about “new”.It’s all about forming yourself. No regrets.Almost an year ago, I was scared to death to do something like this, now I’d do it again in a beat. Make life better.


Matarrese Loredana 2018-04-11
Konferencja w Toruniu