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Nie rozumiem, nie rozumiem…

Are you a linguist? Do you love languages? Well, try learning Polish then...

You will ask why... Let's say, because it is way too much fun! While talking you can be a snake - no, sorry - you HAVE to be a snake in order to produce those sounds. Polish people just looove putting S/Ś, C/Ć, Z/Ż on one place... Next to each other, repeating them over and over again... Just for example: "przepraszam" (I am sorry - in most of the times) , "szczupła" (thin) , "wszystko" (all) and so on and so on.. You’ve got the point, right?

You still need motivation? Okay, I will give you more... They have the category of gender, which makes a word for adjective three words to remember. They have cases. Seven of them. With a lot of endings. Considering the pronouns. And the gender. And the number of things or people. And the kinds of people - like if they are only men, or a man and women, or only women...

But don't get too enthusiastic, because I am going to disappoint you here. Polish language has only three tenses (comparing for example to English with 16 and Bulgarian with 9). Just three - past, present and future tense. And no articles like English and Bulgarian again.
But still you have to change almost every single word if you want to make a proper sentence.

And now - surprise, surpriseee... Can you guess what?! I have some good news if you are Slavonic people. Words and their meanings are almost the same as in your languages. Ta-daa. Congratulations to you - Bulgarians, Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Slovaks and some others. You may be able to make it through. Eventually... :-)
And for the rest of the world - sorry guys, but some hard work is waiting for you.

Of course, everything is true and it is really hard, but as a linguist I would like to say that Polish language for me is a challenge and I definitely had accepted it. I am learning Polish since my arrival here in Toruń and I find it interesting and sometimes strange, but in a good way. Pointing the fact, that I am from the Slavonic family, I can surely admit that it is not an easy job to do. Yes, a lot of similar words, but still a lot of different things in other aspects.
Yet I consider Polish language really amusing and encourage you to learn it.

Languages are the real gold in this world, so the richer the better. Do not hesitate, every language is worth its effort!

P.S.: For homework put this “W Szczebrzeszynie chrzaszcz brzmi w trzcinie!” into Google translator, not for translation, because it’s a tongue twister, but just to hear it. Now try to say it. Enjoy! :-)

Velichka Charakchieva 2016-04-15
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